Eastern Yellow Robin

Satin Bowerbird

Rufous Fantail


Gordon Park Rainforest Walk

The Nature Walks of Nambucca Heads meander through a regenerating remnant rainforest and are uniquely located in the midst of the residential area.

The walks are not arduous, but why not spend some time as well just sitting around relaxing and enjoying the smells and sounds of the coastal bush. While sitting quietly look for the Eastern Yellow Robin and the Rufous Fantail or some of the many other local and migratory birds that make the forest their home.

While walking along, listen for the whip-bird and the cat-bird, look for the changes in the vegetation from the eucalypts and brush box on the drier ridges to the increasing number of rainforest species as you move down the slopes to the wetter and more protected areas, finally reaching the melaleucas, figs and callistemons in the swampy parts. Be sure not to miss the Pioneers' Well.

If you're interested in rainforest walks we would strongly recommend that you acquire a copy of the marvellous field guide "Rainforest Trees and Shrubs" by local botanist Gwen Harden and co-authors.

Where the thickets of lantana and intruding camphor laurels have been removed, we've been helping the regeneration process with plantings of local provenance. The arboretum at the northern end of the tennis courts is a special case; it was planted with rainforest species from other parts of NSW and Queensland - for educational purposes.

Enjoy the forest and the vistas that can be glimpsed along the way - and please leave only your footprints behind you.



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