Featured Artist - Sha-lohm Jamieson A Road trip to Paradise


The Stringer Gallery’s Feature Artist for the months of June and July is Sha-lohm Jamieson who has called her exhibition A Road trip to Paradise - a family expedition!. Sha-lohm's artist statement follows:


Sha-lohm JamiesonGrowing up being surrounded by artists immersed me in a world brimming with creativity and diverse artistic influences from a young age. Since my earliest memories, from creating finger-paintings with my dad’s printer paper as a kid, to capturing lifelike portraits in lead pencil, charcoal, and ink pens during my teenage years. Creativity has always held a special place in my heart!

I’m now drawing inspiration from the natural world – a source of inspiration that will never cease! Endeavouring to capture the captivating allure of nature – experimenting with a vibrant fusion of inks, acrylic paints and mix media!

In this latest exhibition, I've drawn inspiration from a family trip to North Queensland, where the allure knows no bounds. The forests, sunsets, landscapes, and the captivating interplay of nature's wonders, radiance, and ocean vistas left an indelible mark of awe-inspiration on me!

As I venture into sharing my creations with the world, endeavouring to bring joy and beauty to all who take a moment to reflect on the beautiful world that surrounds us.


Each piece is an invitation to slow down from this busy world and reflect on the beautiful uplifting moments that can be found, even amongst chaos, when we simply notice them.


Sha-lohm's exhibition will run fromTuesday June 4 until Saturday August 3 and there will be a morning tea on Saturday June 8 to open the exhibition. Also on display will be our Themed Exhibition Skies and Clouds which is open to all our artists. Everyone welcome.


The Stringer Gallery is located in the Nambucca Community and Arts Centre, Ridge Street Nambucca Heads. Hours are Mon to Fri 10:00 to 3:00 and Sat 9:30 to 12:00 noon.


We trust you will be delighted when you visit our Gallery.


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