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The Kyeewa Bushwalkers are a group of more than 50 bushwalking enthusiasts. We are not a Club and there is no subscription fee or insurance coverage.

Bushwalkers of all ages are welcome to join any of our walks. Typically each of our walks attracts 12 to 20 participants so you can expect to have company but not a crowd.

The group's walks take place almost every Wednesday and Sunday. Occasional overnight camps occur throughout the year.

Local or overseas visitor enquiries about joining our walks are most welcome. International visitors will find one of our walks to be an excellent way to experience the beautiful Australian bush and meet some typical Australians at the same time.

Walks are graded and range from easy through medium to difficult. The grading of each walk is publicised in advance. Most walks are in the easy to medium bracket and typically involve distances of from 9 to 12 kilometres.

There is great variety in the walks undertaken by the group. You will experience beach walks, rainforest walks and forays into the hilly country to the west of our coast. The majority of walks take place in the Nambucca Valley, Bellinger Valley, Macleay and Coffs Harbour areas.

The Kyeewa Bushwalkers are a cheerful and most hospitable bunch of people. Visitors will find themselves instantly accepted and made to feel welcome and involved.

    Email: kyeewa@gmail.com


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