The Stringer Gallery


The Stringer Gallery, which displays paintings by local artists, is open to the public weekdays from Monday to Friday 10.00am to 3.00pm and on Saturday mornings from 9.30am until noon.


The gallery has access for the disabled and the following facilities:



There is space for seating for meetings or classes of up to 20 people. The gallery has a very pleasant and attractive ambience. It is expected that hirers will set up the room themselves to suit the needs of their group and put away chairs where appropriate at the end of the hire period.


As the gallery has access doors to the Main Hall it is possible for larger groups to hire the Main Hall and the Gallery together.


Click on the floor plan to see a larger view.

Gallery KitchenGallery Kitchen

The kitchen in the gallery was completely modernised in early 2017. Facilities include a double drainer, large refrigerator, and new hot water system



Suggested Uses

Stringer GalleryThe Stringer Gallery is useful for small meetings and classes.


The photograph, left, shows the gallery in use by a discussion group.





Booking Enquiries

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