Nambucca Valley cleaning professionals

Brickwork Cleaning
It's incredible how dirty and grubby brickwork becomes over time. Tony Bonett from Nambucca Pressure Cleaning has the experience, equipment and skills to make it look new again. We promise you'll be amazed when all that dirt and mould is removed.

Paving and tile cleaners
This photo speaks louder than words. These pavers were full of mould but came up like new after high pressure water blasting aided by the right kind of detergent and mould killer. Concrete paths, verandahs and parking lot slabs clean up beautifully when we give them the treatment.

Paintwork refurbished or prepared
Dirty paintwork in sound condition can be made to shine and gleam like the day it was first laid down. On the other hand, if re-painting is required, Nambucca Pressure Cleaning will remove all the grime, salt build up and loose flaking paint so that you have a perfect surface for your re-painting project. Remember, good surface preparation is 50% of the task if you want a new paint job which doesn't disappoint.

Roof work experts
Cleaning your roof will remove the accumulation of bird dung, dirt and other fall-out. You'll be amazed how much filth will come tumbling down when we hit your roof with our water blasters and environmentally friendly detergents. And if your roof is the source of your water collection, you'll be so glad you called us in!

When we're finished your roof will sparkle and your home's exterior appearance will look so fresh and clean. It's a very worthwhile investment if you're about to put your home on the market. 

Windows and flyscreens
Of course, whilst we're cleaning down your brickwork, weatherboard or fibro walls we won't overlook your windows and flyscreens. These will end up cleaner than you've ever seen them before. And when you see what comes out of the flyscreens you'll start thinking about lining us up for an annual visit.

Obligation free quotations
Call or email us to arrange for a quotation. You'll be surprised what a difference we can make for only a small investment on your part. Start the ball rolling now.

Nambucca Pressure Cleaning

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