Nambucca Heads annual event since 1984   


Imagine 1001 Volkswagens!

Bank Holiday weekend in August each uneven year
(2018, 2020 etc) heralds the arrival of hundreds of
VW's from all over Australia. Must see it to believe it!

26th July 3rd Aug, 2020

Early on Saturday morning all participants muster at Valla Park. You'll be amazed to see so many Volkswagens all in one place but brother, you ain't seen nothing yet!

There are Volkswagens of every description, age and colour. You'll even see German military vehicles of World War II vintage and manned by crews in genuine Wermacht uniforms!

At 9.30 am the Pacific Highway is briefly closed by the Police as the convoy moves out on its journey to Nambucca Heads.  The column of VW's stretches over the full 8 kilometres of highway between Valla Beach and Nambucca Heads.

Check out the Volkswagen Spectacular website for more detail.

Upon reaching Nambucca Heads the Volkswagen convoy makes a slow pass down the main street before circling back into town for the static display. Imagine seeing Volkswagens parked seven abreast and bumper to bumper down some 600 metres of Bowra Street in Nambucca Heads! It's a huge event which draws large crowds of spectators. For the next hour or two they are free to inspect all the vehicles to their heart's content.

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